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Related article: Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 09:31:32 -0400 From: Reprobate Subject: After the BarAfter the Bar - or - My first time at the bathsThis happened way back in the mid '70's. Back in a time when the worst thing you could get by having sex could be cured with penecillin.I was in my early 20's then. And for those of you who have not read my other stories, I guess I better describe myself. I am 6' tall, 56" chest, 36' waist, well muscled all over due to having been lifting weights since I was 12. In those years I weighed in at about 200 lbs . virtually no fat. Decent sized biceps & thighs and not bad definition on the rest of me. I had dark hair and hazel eyes that changed color depending on my mood and/or what I was wearing. I've had a moustache since I was 14 ... and from the age of 12 I have been totally covered by dark hair ... back to front ... top to bottom. Also, despite my rather large size, I have, what I have always felt was, an embarrassingly small penis and balls. When soft I would guess it is no more than 2 inches ... when it isn't trying to suck up into my body to hide completely. When hard, its about medium thickness and on a VERY good day MIGHT get close to 6". My ballsack rarely actually hangs. It prefers to stay snug up tight to my body it seems.Although I am embarrassed by my cock's size ... no one has ever made a negative remark about it. In fact, most guys look at it and say that its "perfect for sucking". Which is good because although I do allow the odd guy to fuck me, I do not fuck guys. That is a story in itself which I might share another time. I never really thought I let too many guys fuck me. But I am thinking, since starting to share my experiences with you, the readers on Nifty, it seems a lot of them have included those times I was fucked. But, comparing the number of experiences I am sharing, to the number of experiences I've had ... in that comparison, no, I was not fucked very often What can I say? I was a "sex hound" aka "a slut" for a lot of years.Okay ... enough of that ... on with this experience.At this time in my life ... I had been having sex with guys since I was 11 ... but that had always been with friends and acquaintances I was growing up with in my small farm community town. I had gone to college .. but commuted back and forth until I graduated. So when I moved to the city ... I was still pretty naive about life and the ways of the world. When I was 21, I decided I liked sex with guys more than girls .. so blasted the doors off my closet, informing family and friends and my employers. It took a few months, but luckily everyone eventually came around and accepted me as I am. I came to this realization about 6 months after I had moved 3,000 miles away to a city where I knew no one. But, I am nice guy and made friends easily and quickly.After "coming out" it was almost another year before I got up my nerve to actually go to a gay bar. And this experience happened shortly after I started frequenting the bars on weekends. I lived in a suburb, I had no car, so I relied on the public transit to get me there and back.One night, I missed the last bus home. I did not have money enough for a hotel room or a taxi ... and pretty much didn't know what to do. It was too far to walk and there were laws against hitchhiking within the city limits. A couple guys I recognized from the bar were walking by and I guess they sensed something might be wrong ... so I told them my predicament. The one guy said normally I could of bunked out in his bachelor apartment with Naked Preteen Nymphets him ... but then he pulled his buddy closer and said that unfortunately he was going to be real busy that night ... he hoped. Anyway, as naive as I was ... I knew what he meant.He suggested I go to the baths. He said I had enough money for a room and would have enough left over for the bus in the morning ... so I would be all set. I had never been to a bath, I had heard them mentioned a time or two, but I really had no clue yet what they were all about. This guy said they were walking past there to get to his place and they would show me where it was. So I tagged along with them.In the few short blocks we had to walk, he told me a bit more about what to expect in the bath ... that I could just go into my room and shut the door and no one would bug me. Or if I wanted some action ... leave the door open and if someones interested they come in. But when they left me at the stairway leading down to the establishment I was still real nervous and unsure ... but I didn't have much choice unless I wanted to wander the streets all night. Which I didn't.So down the stairs I go. The attendant was real friendly and gave me my room key and a towel and locked my valuables in a security lock box Because he wasn't busy and he knew I had never been there before, he told me he would show me around. His tour showed me where the showers were (which was one big open room with a dozen or so shower heads, the steam room and sauna which opened directly off of the shower room, the TV room. I found it strange that I had not seen anyone else any where yet. He guided Naked Preteen Nymphets me down a hallway that had a bunch of doors ... and he showed me which one was mine. He suggested maybe I strip down and put on my towl ... and then he would finish the tour.I expected him to back away from the door or lean against a wall or something to give me a bit of privacy but he just stood leaning in the doorway waiting for me. I turned my back to him and stripped off all my clothes and hung them on the available hooks. As I pulled off my pants I heard him mutter something like "mmmmm ... nice" ... but otherwise he was quiet through my unexpected performance. I wrapped the towel around me and secured it then grabbed my key from the bed where I'd left it and walked towards him. I stopped in front of him because he didn't seem too eager to move ... then he asked for my key. I gave it to him and he showed me how the band it was on Naked Preteen Nymphets was expandable .. and he slipped it onto my wrist and told me I could also put it on my ankle if I'd rather have it there. I thanked him again for sharing his tidbits of information. We closed the door to my room and he continued his tour ... showing me an area that had what they called were rooms ... but these were less expensive because they had no doors. He told me in that area, if you want privacy ... you just hang your towel across the opening ... or leave the doorway clear if you want company. He then told me about people that just want a locker ... they don't have a bed, unless they hook up with someone that has a room.Next thing I know we exit out of another door and we are back close to where I entered the bath. I thanked him and told him I had better make use of the shower before I turned in ... I imagined I was pretty rank after having danced pretty much the whole night. And I was getting tired because of all the booze I had drank. I was feeling the booze just enough so I wasn't as inhibited about my hairy body as I would have been had I been sober. As we parted, I thanked him again and he called back telling me to enjoy myself.In those days, I was a real easy target for anyone who was just looking to have a good time. Part of it was my naivety, and part I guess was due to me not really knowing yet what "gay life" was really about and wanting desperately to fit in. Anyway, in retrospect, it seems any guy who was nice to me and blew in my ear ... I was theirs. Like I said .. easy target.So I went to the showers, hung up my towel, turned on the water and started soaping down. I had assumed there were guys behind the closed doors of the rooms in the area my room was in ... and on the tour I noticed a few rooms with towels covering the openings ... so I figured there must be other guys in the bath. I just hadn't seen any one else except the attendant.I was shampooing my hair when I heard a sudden baritone "Hi" from behind me. I nearly jumped through the roof. The guy chuckled and apologized for startling me and I told him it was okay. Then reached out and shook his offered hand. He took the showerhead next to me. And started soaping himself up while starting up a conversation."I don't think Naked Preteen Nymphets I've seen you around here before. Are you new here?" he asked"Yes" I said "first time. First time in a bath .. period""Well ... welcome to the family" he said "Most of the guys that come here are regulars . You think you might become a regular?""I don't know. Depends how often I miss the last bus home" I said with a chuckle.I was by then soaping down my butt and reaching as high up on my back as I could."Can I wash your back for you?""Yeah ... sure ... thanks. I appreciate it." I had never had anyone wash my back for me so I was unprepared for how good it felt.I thought at first I had let a moan escape ... but then I realized it was from the guy washing my back. I glanced over my shoulder at him and I guess he picked up on my question."I really enjoy guys with hairy bodies ... and I just love it when I am given a chance to shower with one."He was soaping my whole back ... but it felt like he was giving me a backrub too. It felt great. Then when he started going down to my butt ... I suddenly jumped and moved away ... surprising even myself. I was now facing him and getting my first good look at him.He was, I would guess, in his late 30's or early 40's, a bit of gray through his dark brown hair, brown eyes, moustache and a days worth of stubble. He had a moderate bit of hair across his chest ... speckled with gray ... that fanned out across his pecs then tapered across his abdomen to meet his fairly thick patch of pubic hair. His dick looked to be about maybe 4"soft and sitting on a full looking set of balls. His legs were lightly hairy. He was not well muscled or anything close, just a regular guy with a medium build and just the barest hint that he might be developing a paunch. He was taller than me ... so I would guess maybe 6'2" or 6'3". Not classically handsome ... but certainly not hard to look at.He apologized if he had "stepped out of bounds" with his soaping. I apologized for jumping like that ... I blamed it on just being nervous generally, and more so because I was in an unfamiliar surrounding. He then held out the soap to me with a smile and asked if I would mind washing his back. I Naked Preteen Nymphets smiled back and took the soap and he turned around. I soaped his back, trying to make my soaping of him feel as good as his soaping of me was.I noticed he had a fine looking butt ... and Naked Preteen Nymphets every once in a while the cheeks would dimple in a bit making his butt look even tighter. I got down to the small of his back and was unsure whether I should proceed .. given it was at this point I jumped away from his hands. As if reading my mind, he said, "You can go lower if you want. Its up to you though.".When I continued lower with my soapy hands, he leaned forward with his hands on the shower wall and he spread his legs. I washed his asscheeks, one in each hand, around the bottom and then up his crack spending a few seconds rubbing around his pucker. I loved the feel of his butt ... and the moans I could illicit from him as I massaged them over and over again. But at the same time, I was constantly looking around, ready to stop the instant someone elses presense was detected.He slowly stood upright and turned his back and butt into the spray to rinse the soap off. He was smiling and as I looked down his front I could see where he had a nice semi going ... now about 6" and a little thicker than mine ... and circumsized."Will you let me finish soaping you down now?" he asked."I don't know. I am so nervous of someone walking in and catching us.""It's a bath. That is what goes on here.""Well, if we were alone in private I wouldn't hesitate to let you. But here, right out in the open. I am too nervous.""I have an idea" he said and walked over to a pile of smaller towels laying on a ledge. He walked back and wet the towel under the shower then walked around behind me. He brought the towel up to my eyes and made to tie it like a blind fold. I put my hand up to stop him."Look" he said "there is hardly anyone here tonight. And besides you and me, I am positive everyone else is sleeping in their rooms. I was just thinking you are nervous because you feel this shower is too open. So if I put the blindfold on you, then you can imagine we are totally in private and maybe you won't be as skittish about it. No one is going to sneak up on us."I let him talk me into it ... and I have to admit ... with the blindfold on I could imagine it was just the two of us somewhere totally private. He started once again soaping my back, making it feel even better than it did the first time. Then as he went lower, I mimiced what he'd done and leaned on my hands against the wall and spread my legs a bit. As relaxed as I was, I was still trying to keep my ears open for anyone approaching. He washed my ass, doing to me what I had done to him, but then instead of just circling my pucker he started easing in one finger from time to time.Then he started down my legs ... giving each of them each their own massage/soaping ... and each time he brought his hands up my legs ... one hand would slip through to rub my ballsack and now fully erect cock .. while the other went once more to slip his finger once more up my pucker.After a time ... he took my shoulders and guided my under the water and made sure all the soap was gone ... and then he pushed my shoulders towards the wall gently until my back was leaning against it and the water spray was gently hitting my crotch area. The force of the water causing my hard cock to be constantly stimulated while the residual spray hit my abdomen then flowed down though my pubic hair to caress my balls before it it cascaded to the floor.He began to soap my chest ... rubbing my pecs and tweaking my nipples with his soapy fingers ... and then he rinsed the soap off and replaced his teasing fingers with his lips. I had had sex with guys before for years of course ... but this man, I felt my body being made love to for the first time. What this man was doing to me ... it felt so much more than the playing around I had done up until then. He continued like that down my abdomen, and then I felt him once again soaping my dick and balls. I was moaning and groaning up a storm ... but trying desperately to keep it quiet.Then he rinsed off my front and again moved me out of the spray, and once again leaned me back against the wall. I almost screamed when he suddenly took my hard cock into his hot mouth. I was so turned on by this man that I don't think I lasted a dozen strokes of his talented mouth. I urgently whispered that I was cumming ... but he just grabbed my hips and held me as deep as I could. Through clenched teeth I hissed my orgasm as I shot volley after volley down his waiting throat. He didn't lose a drop of my significant load.I quickly softened in his mouth and he let my now soft cock go. He then pulled me forward and turned me around until once again I was leaning on my hands against the shower wall, legs spread and he was once again caressing my hairy back. I sensed him kneeling behind me and then, another first, I felt his tongue licking around my pucker and then trying to force itself through my entrance. Again and again his tongue tried to push through and finally he succeeded and I felt one of the best sensations of my life. The more his tongue pounded through the entrance ... the more relaxed my pucker became.I wanted to feel this man inside me ... and I wanted, or felt I needed to give him the chance to get his rocks off because he got me off in a fantastic way. I had been fucked before .. but not for about 7 or 8 years ... so I was nervous about it. So I relaxed my pucker as best I could. Long minutes of his tongue led to a sudden burning sensation as he shove a finger far up my butt. He pistoned that finger in a few times ... and then more burning and now some pain as he added a second finger. The short lived pain I was expecting while my butthole got used to the intruders ... but this burning was something new. Then, the guy stood up, withdrew his fingers and quickly replaced it with the head of his cock. He did not wait but shoved his length all the way up my butt until I felt his pubes on my butt cheeks. No pain this time, I guess his fingers had done their work ... but that damned burning again. Then he started fucking me like there was no tomorrow. He reached around and played with my soft cock until it was hard again and he started matching his fucking to his stroking of my cock. I quickly forgot the burning in my butt as I could feel another climax rising.He came with a boisterous bellow that echoed throughout the shower ... and while he was still shooting his load up my butt ... I shot another load onto the shower wall. My asshole clamping down with my orgasm causing another loud groan to escape my fuckers lips. He must have cum buckets, because when he pulled out I felt his sperm running down my legs. As my orgasm subsided, I collapsed standing up against the wall .. my fucking partner sat down on the floor leaning back on his hands.I took the blindfold off ... and only then became aware we had an audience. Three guys with tented towels plus the attendent who was also showing wood started to applaud. I looked down at my sex partner totally aghast ... but when I saw him with a wide smile laying down there on the floor ... I too began to smile. I guess when they realized I wasn't going to freak out ... a somewhat pudgy older guy tossed his towel aside and walked into the shower. He turned me around again to lean up against the wall with my butt sticking out and he went down and plastered his lips around my still leaking pucker. Suddenly he started spitting and Naked Preteen Nymphets stood up glaring at the guy who just fucked me and angrily said ..."You perverted fucker. Why the hell did you use soap as lube. You are one sick mother fucker"Then he turned to me and smiled and asked if I would mind if he helped clean me up. I told him to go for it ... and he used his hands as best he could to wash away all the remnants of my having had sex. When I was clean again ... he walked me over to the two other towel clad guys and they proceeded to dry me off. Naked Preteen Nymphets When I was sufficiently dry ... the attendant handed me my towel and said he would show me how to get back to my room.Exhausted, I followed him ... he took my key and opened the door and let me go through before him. I was surprised when he followed me in and closed the door. He put my key on the bedside shelf ... took my towel off and hung it on a hook on the wall and then guided me down to lay on my back on the bed. He reached down, found and then started stroking my soft cock. I told him I thought the little guy was done for the night ... but he just smiled and said he knew a few tricks. I think that was an understatement. In record time I was in his mouth and ready to shoot again. When I shot, it wasn't as much as the first two times ... but I guess he got a good mouthful just the same. I felt I should help to get him off ... but he thanked me as he patted my hand away and told me that that he saves for his wife. With a smile he left my room making sure the door was locked.I slept really well for a few hours ... then it was time to catch one of the early buses home. That was my first visit to a steam bath ... but it certainly wasn't my last.
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